Studio Residue
print and pattern Studio RESIDUE is the playground for conceptual pattern design. Making unique prints which are the beautiful residues of an investigation of a location or question. Creating new surfaces with the transformation of material. Malou van der Molen created Studio RESIDUE to focus on patterns with a thought and it is her on-going quest for connection with our surroundings, with textile, prints and patterns. Studio RESIDUE is looking forward for your questions on pattern design and is open for assignments for custom-made prints and patterns. If you want to collaborate or discuss your creative need, leave us a message ! E : T : +31613386791 COPYRIGHTS OF ALL PICTURES PUBLISHED ON THIS WEBSITE ARE RESERVED BY STUDIO RESIDUE. NO MATERIAL PUBLISHED HERE CAN BE COPIED, REPRODUCED, POSTED, USED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT MY WRITTEN PERMISSION.© Studio RESIDUE